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Professor Pastor David

Msgr. David often refers to himself as a ‘catholic pastor’ as his ministry is centered around the pastoral care of his congregation which is called ‘St. Valentine’s Hall’. As it happens, he trained in Pastoral Theology at Heythrop College, University of London, and pursues his love of sacred theatre through the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

St. Valentine’s Hall holds monthly hybrid services of worship alongside regular Holy Mass and Communion for those who identify as Old Catholics. Additionally, Msgr. Parry’s individual ministry welcomes LGBTQIA+ Christians, at the same time as people of faith, or no faith, who find such work valuable and are looking for a spiritual home. In this regard, he prays beside practicing Muslims and Jews, while being recognized as the Founder of a “religious oasis” by the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC). Overall, Msgr. Parry conducts marriages, blessings on same-sex partnerships, christenings, adult baptisms, child-naming, funerals, and life-rites for everyone seeking a greater understanding of the human soul, whereas St. Valentine’s Hall is based in Endlesham Hall, Balham, South London (www.davidwilliamparry.com). Lastly, Msgr. Parry extends whatever support this community can offer to the homeless, vulnerable individuals, local veterans as well as the elderly to testify to Gospel values of love and wisdom.


Petition of Cancelling the death sentence of two Iranian transgenders

Saeid started a petition with All Out that could really change things for LGBT+ people. Add your name and join them in the fight for LGBT+ rights!



The Profile of Progressive Pastor

The Profile of  Progressive Pastor, 

Professor, Dr. David William Parry is one of our Online Persian Christian Fellowship in U.K’s guest preachers that our inclusive congregation enjoys hearing the Gospel, the word of the Lord through him once a month.

Pastor Dr. David William Parry (pronouns: he/him/his) is an acclaimed poet, essayist, theatre practitioner, leading clergy-celebrant, and queer pastor of an independent church in South London, UK, known locally as St. Valentine’s Hall. 

David is a spiritual leader with a unique passion for his love and advocacy of Queer Culture, Anthroposophy, White Magic, Christian Anarchism, and Revolutionary Entrepreneurship. He brings an inclusive approach to global spirituality and living a high vibrational life, particularly in creating his virtual botanica and bookstore in the metaverse.

David is an international speaker and author of 3 books including the much loved Caliban’s Redemption and The Grammar of Witchcraft.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021


To all members let me wish you a very Happy Christmas & a very Happy New Year.

You are my family & are very important to me in my life. I endure to try & do my best for all & hope I have not failed anyone.
I hope that my team & I have tried to help those when they are faced with difficult situations. And I hope we will continue doing so.

Please kindly take care now that we have this new variant  Omicron & do try & get your vaccinations as soon as you can.

I hope you have a wonderful, happy & loving Christmas.
Let us pray that the new year dawns on all of us with love, joy & peace.
May the coming year 2022 be full of blessings for each & every one of you.


Madam Director – Pushi


First Iranian Transgender Woman

Mozhdeh Shadi, First Iranian Transgender woman give her life to Christ.

The PLGBT Organisation team and Truth & Love Ministry based in Baltimore ,U.S.A are proud to announce that first time in Iranian history our beautiful transgender Mozhdeh Shadi has given her heart to the Lord Jesus Christ.

She has overcome all the challenges that she has faced from her community.
Mozhdeh made her bond & started her Spiritual journey as the first Iranian transgender woman in history.

The Online Persian Christian Fellowship is proud of her decision & the way she has chosen to practice her faith.

God bless you Mozhdeh. 

Thank you to all for reading this notice.


Diwali Greetings & a Happy New Year


Let me first explain what Diwali is. It is a Hindu festival celebrated once a year either in October or November.
The annual celebration is filled with lights & colours, as they commemorate the famous battle between good and evil. 

The Festival of Lights pays homage to Rama’s win over the king Ravana.

I take this opportunity to wish all members who are based here in the U.K. and all over the world a very HAPPY DIWALI & a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

May you all have a bright and wonderful celebration.

May your life be as colourful, shimmering & magical as the lights of Diwali.

May the light of diyas(lamps) enlighten your spirits and vanquish the darkness from your life.

Millions of diyas will be lit all over the world & beautiful candles displayed in peoples homes. 

People celebrate this night with fireworks lighting up the sky with fire rockets.

I wish you all have a very happy day & may you all be blessed with showers of health, wealth and prosperity. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Kind regards 
Madam Director – Pushi


LGBT Asylum Seekers Pride Day 2021

A Day of joy, A Day of inclusivity, A  Day of togetherness.

 A day of true equality and Day of acceptance ,

A Day that our LGBT+ Asylum seeker  join  the wider communities  and to experience for the  first-time freedom of who they are who they like to be.

Members are from Iraq, Gambia, Bangladesh, Iran, Egypt, and Pakistan .

We share the sympathy and pain that many have  suffered  losing loved ones. We pray for strength and unity among our communities  for the year ahead . The implication of the  Pandemic 2020  worsened   the lives of our LGBT Asylum Seekers who faced loneliness and isolation  and  still had to  carry the burden of  feelings  of fear , persecution, and uncertainty some have  felt  the freedom of having  found sanctuary  but had to face further struggles .

This year LGBT+  Asylum Seekers and our Online Persian Christian fellowship congregation  are walking together  under the  umbrella of love, peace , harmony  with our 2021 Pride slogan

 for  God is Love  1 John 4:8

We cherish and celebrate our unity and  together ness. Oceans , mountains and distances cannot separate us. Our final Love and gratitude goes  to  Truth and Love Fellowship in Baltimore , Pastor Jeff Harris. Thank you  for all the great work that you have been doing  at Online Persian Christian Fellowship.


Inquiry to Home Secretary to have a misconduct review on home office interpreters

Following the concerns that have been reported to us by members of the  LGBT+ Asylum Seekers whilst going through their Substantial Interviews, we asked the Home Secretary to look into this matter. 

The PLGBT as an advocate and supportive organisation has taken this matter to be classed as very serious hence us writing to the Home Secretary through our local MP to raise our concerns.

Mazyar Shirali the Founder of the PLGBT organisation which supports members from all over the world with the help of a caring & professional team.
I as a long time open gay interpreter and as an advocate for our LGBT Asylum Seekers can say these people have faced prosecution for who they are and have faced a lot of trauma and some have had the most horrendous experiences.

Whilst going through their interviews we have been told by some of our members that interpreters have passed derogatory remarks thus making the client very nervous and embarrassed. They are to made to feel that they should be ashamed of calling themselves gay. Surely is this not the kind of modern world that we live in. 

We strongly condemn such interpreters and we are of the opinion that they have not done their homework properly. 
Thus those who have acted in this manner have not done their job professionally and have abused their position.

Interpreters have been trained to be a voice only. They are to be very impartial and to be respectful to both the service user and client. 
I feel these interpreters should be retrained and held accountable for the impact that they may have caused to our members of the PLGBT organisation and Asylum Seekers and how they have had an effect on their mental health and lives.

I have asked the Home Secretary at looking how to employ interpreters at the Home Office branches and further training be given and also how the individual being interviewed could report such incidents.


Online Persian Christian Fellowship

Praise the Lord. 

We have had our very first baptism ceremony, with 4 of our members on 31st January 2021. 
In the beginning, this task appeared to be very daunting and impossible. Trying to find a venue and making sure that the members to be baptized can get to the venue and return home safely and the members helping were safe as well. All this during the lockdown. 

A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERYONE INVOLVED AND FOR ALL YOUR PRAYS. Please realize that none of this would be possible without your willingness, hard work, faith, and prays 
We have 2 more baptisms in February, on the 14th, and on the 28th. pray that God will give us wisdom and guidance as we go about Hid’s work.

We are a non-funded organization and we depend on donations, contributions and prays. 

Thank you!


Aasylum Lives Matter

Asylum Lives matter

Following the inquiry from our members at the Persian LGBT organisation in relation to the delay at their Substantial Interview dates, Persian LGBT has taken action to contact local MPs across the U.K. As our members are located all over the country, to make further inquiries & be the voice of the voiceless. 
Our organisation has helped many of our Christian families & individual asylum seekers across the country.
This we have done by making further inquiries through local MPs & to highlight the Home Office of the distress & anxiety that asylum seekers & their families go through.
The organisation has been informed that despite families & individual efforts, there was no response from the Home Office either by contact, correspondence, or even any information of their Substantial Interview dates.
In some cases which we are aware of, Asylum Seekers have waited over a year.
The last member from Leicester that we know waited for over 5 years.
Another family man from Plymouth waited for over 2 years but we are now happy & can say that with the help of Luke Pollard, member of Parliament for Plymouth Sutton& Devonport, has now been allocated his Substantial Interview & awaits his decision.
Following inquiries made to Priti Patel on behalf of the Persian LGBT through Mr. Pollard MP has written to the Home Secretary raising concerns about the long delays for interviews & decisions that many people are experiencing.
I have attached a copy of this letter for your reference.
Mr. Pollard MPs concerns are not only the Substantial Interview dates but the Refusal letters which some Asylum Seekers receive & are asked to leave the Nass accommodation & with the current lockdown these Asylum Seekers are put out on the street.
There is a delay in issuing BRP cards to those who have been granted Refugee status thus having an impact on them trying to access the benefits system.
However, the Persian LGBT organisation’s main concern has been highlighted to local MP’s across the country & is for the Home Office to consider alternatives to help & ensure that Substantial Interviews are allocated accordingly to the Asylum Seekers’ arrival date.
We would like to thank many of our local MPs for their communication & care that they show to our Christian & individual Asylum Seekers.