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Aasylum Lives Matter

Asylum Lives matter

Following the inquiry from our members at the Persian LGBT organisation in relation to the delay at their Substantial Interview dates, Persian LGBT has taken action to contact local MPs across the U.K. As our members are located all over the country, to make further inquiries & be the voice of the voiceless. 
Our organisation has helped many of our Christian families & individual asylum seekers across the country.
This we have done by making further inquiries through local MPs & to highlight the Home Office of the distress & anxiety that asylum seekers & their families go through.
The organisation has been informed that despite families & individual efforts, there was no response from the Home Office either by contact, correspondence, or even any information of their Substantial Interview dates.
In some cases which we are aware of, Asylum Seekers have waited over a year.
The last member from Leicester that we know waited for over 5 years.
Another family man from Plymouth waited for over 2 years but we are now happy & can say that with the help of Luke Pollard, member of Parliament for Plymouth Sutton& Devonport, has now been allocated his Substantial Interview & awaits his decision.
Following inquiries made to Priti Patel on behalf of the Persian LGBT through Mr. Pollard MP has written to the Home Secretary raising concerns about the long delays for interviews & decisions that many people are experiencing.
I have attached a copy of this letter for your reference.
Mr. Pollard MPs concerns are not only the Substantial Interview dates but the Refusal letters which some Asylum Seekers receive & are asked to leave the Nass accommodation & with the current lockdown these Asylum Seekers are put out on the street.
There is a delay in issuing BRP cards to those who have been granted Refugee status thus having an impact on them trying to access the benefits system.
However, the Persian LGBT organisation’s main concern has been highlighted to local MP’s across the country & is for the Home Office to consider alternatives to help & ensure that Substantial Interviews are allocated accordingly to the Asylum Seekers’ arrival date.
We would like to thank many of our local MPs for their communication & care that they show to our Christian & individual Asylum Seekers.