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The Profile of Progressive Pastor

The Profile of  Progressive Pastor, 

Professor, Dr. David William Parry is one of our Online Persian Christian Fellowship in U.K’s guest preachers that our inclusive congregation enjoys hearing the Gospel, the word of the Lord through him once a month.

Pastor Dr. David William Parry (pronouns: he/him/his) is an acclaimed poet, essayist, theatre practitioner, leading clergy-celebrant, and queer pastor of an independent church in South London, UK, known locally as St. Valentine’s Hall. 

David is a spiritual leader with a unique passion for his love and advocacy of Queer Culture, Anthroposophy, White Magic, Christian Anarchism, and Revolutionary Entrepreneurship. He brings an inclusive approach to global spirituality and living a high vibrational life, particularly in creating his virtual botanica and bookstore in the metaverse.

David is an international speaker and author of 3 books including the much loved Caliban’s Redemption and The Grammar of Witchcraft.