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LGBT Asylum Seekers Pride Day 2021

A Day of joy, A Day of inclusivity, A  Day of togetherness.

 A day of true equality and Day of acceptance ,

A Day that our LGBT+ Asylum seeker  join  the wider communities  and to experience for the  first-time freedom of who they are who they like to be.

Members are from Iraq, Gambia, Bangladesh, Iran, Egypt, and Pakistan .

We share the sympathy and pain that many have  suffered  losing loved ones. We pray for strength and unity among our communities  for the year ahead . The implication of the  Pandemic 2020  worsened   the lives of our LGBT Asylum Seekers who faced loneliness and isolation  and  still had to  carry the burden of  feelings  of fear , persecution, and uncertainty some have  felt  the freedom of having  found sanctuary  but had to face further struggles .

This year LGBT+  Asylum Seekers and our Online Persian Christian fellowship congregation  are walking together  under the  umbrella of love, peace , harmony  with our 2021 Pride slogan

 for  God is Love  1 John 4:8

We cherish and celebrate our unity and  together ness. Oceans , mountains and distances cannot separate us. Our final Love and gratitude goes  to  Truth and Love Fellowship in Baltimore , Pastor Jeff Harris. Thank you  for all the great work that you have been doing  at Online Persian Christian Fellowship.