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Stop Deportation of Desiree Lieuwo

Persian LGBT team has contacted Home Office to protest and appeal to remove our friend and member of LGBT community Desiree, whom we saw regularly at St Paul’s church based in Jewellery Quarter Sunday’s prayer with. 
Desiree is known to everyone within our LGBT community as a beautiful soul and person, she is a Lesbian woman fleeing persecution in Cameroon. She was detained on Tuesday and is set to be removed from the UK back to Cameroon on Saturday. 
We are very concern about how LGBT rights are abused and treated by Cameron’s government. Mazyar Shirali Founder of Persian LGBT rises its high concern over deportation LGBT Asylum Seekers to countries where LGBT members are victims of mistreatment and discrimination.

We are strongly encouraged everyone to join this campaign by putting pressure on the Minister for Immigration through your local MP to cancel the removal because of substantial fresh supporting evidence that is available for her application. also, everyone could contact Air France re Flight is Air France AF1681 Terminal 4 Departs 9.00

Please contact them with your concerns on 02076600337 or twitter @AirFranceUK Facebook

https://www.facebook.com/airfrance Ask them to refuse to take Desiree on the plane. If you can get to Heathrow Picket the terminal and ask other passengers to object

#Persian LGBT _will_Stand_by_Desiree.