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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020

Christmas message was sent out to more than 20 churches around Birmingham and the surrounding area, this was signed and sent off personally by Amir Zamanian as Director of Persian LGBT  Organisation.

“On behalf of the Persian LGBT Organisation and its community, I wish to send you, our Christian church brethren, warmest wishes at this time of year so important to you. May this Christmas bring to all of your congregations and outreach services joy and fellowship, peace and goodwill, compassion and blessing.

Persian LGBT is a non-profit organisation that supports and empowers asylum seekers who have fled their homelands due to discrimination, injustice, intimidation and direct persecution for their sexual orientation.
Just like your own leaders and members, we aim to enhance the lives of the individuals who approach us, while also facilitating empathy, tolerance and stability in the local communities we serve. So many of our people are displaced and destitute, simply on account of who they are and how they were created. 
During this Christian festival, when we are reminded that mankind finds love and peace through the life and message of Jesus, so many folk in the UK enjoy the closeness of family ties and celebrate the workplace and social groups to which they belong. Most of our members have had to leave behind such human connections as these in their countries of origin so, this time of year is particularly poignant for them.

Director of Persian LGBT Org
Amir Zamanian