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Introduction of our Online Persian Christian fellowship ministry Mr. Danny Gill

Short introduction of our Online Persian Christian fellowship ministry Mr. Danny Gill

Tell us about yourself Danny
I am an ordained minister under the acts 29 group, a full-time missionary lubing in Athens Greece where I founded TRM Ministries. We focus exclusively on Gospel sharing, humanitarian aid, discipleship training, and church planting amongst refugees of all nations seeking asylum in Europe. As an adult convert, I am able to relate well with the many questions and doubts amongst seekers. Good has used our ministry to lead over 600 soups to salvation and train over 300 disciples and plant 16 churches throughout Europe, Iran and Pakistan. 

Why working with the Persian LBGT Organisation? 

I have witnessed many people who live what is deemed sinful lives, being rejected even the hearing of the Gospel by some mainstream churches. We strongly believe that Jesus came to heal the sick and that all people need Him. We also believe in love and how love covers a multitude of sins. No one has the right to throw the first stone. More so, no one has the right to condemn or forgive sin. It has been wonderful. experience to minister to the LBGT community. To let them hear the truth of the Gospel. That we are all sinners…ALL of us and salvation is impossible with man but with God, all things are possible. Through the Persian LBGT community, I have not met anyone with evil intent to push a political agenda. Just kind and loving people who are seeking God and thirsty for His Word and I would fight to the death to bring it to them and everyone. We cannot remove the speck from our brothers’ eyes without first removing the plank from our own. When we do, we are able to cast aside condemnation and replace it with the Greatest Commandment. To love God and to love each other. 

Where do you see the Online Persian Christian Fellowship ?? 

Going forward with the Persian Online Christian Community.
This is a community founded by a wonderful brother who works tirelessly to see God’s kingdom grow. We have recently added Bible studies to complement and fortify our Sunday message. The exciting result and one that u would love to see more of is the group’s penetration into Iran itself. So far it has been quite successful to date. I am praying that God opens the way for brothers and sisters in Europe to be able to increasingly share with their friends and families in Iran. May His kingdom continues to grow and to God be all the glory. Amen!